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No Job too big or small

Owing to our founder's practical experience ‘on the tools', Hooper & Sons are equally as capable at plumbing as we are boiler repairs in Ashford and the surrounding area.

This allows us to address all your water and heating needs under one roof, without having to juggle the phone, compare quotes or scramble through the phone book on short notice.

Flexible solutions to your plumbing problems are only a call away – Call us at 07722932624.

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Plumbing repairs

Whether your toilet has stopped flushing, your sink is blocked or you're worried about a water mark that has appeared on a ceiling, don't worry. We are perfectly happy to address both more drastic emergency jobs and smaller plumbing issues you want nipped in the bud. Don't let that dripping tap worry you or drive you mad – Give us a call!


Central heating system fault finding

We are experts in fault finding on central heating systems. With years of fault-finding experience, your friendly local plumber in Ashford can accurately identify the issue to speed up repair times. Where possible we will carry out the repair in day however if a return visit is required rest assured that we will get your fault resolved as quickly as possible.

Fault Finding

Tank cleaning 

A plumbing system is only as efficient as its tanks, and over time your cold-water storage F and E tanks can suffer a build-up of sludge, scale, and other contaminants. Our specialist tank cleaning services keep your system debris free, preventing filters in shower and booster pumps getting blocked and helping to avoid debris from your F and E tank blocking your cold feed.

Tank Cleaning



System upgrades

Looking to get more from your heating and hot water system? We can provide a wide variety of plumbing and heating system upgrades, ranging from new thermostatic radiator valves for your radiators to smart thermostats for extra control over your energy bills. 


System flushing

There are various types of central heating system flushes each one with its own benefits depending upon the fault you are experiencing. From chemical flushing to power flushing and Magna cleanse flushes. These not only helps your system run more efficiently, it's a reliable way of extending the lifespan of your radiators, boiler and reducing energy costs.

System Flushing







Frequently asked questions we hear as plumbers in Ashford

Do you do emergency callouts?

Yes we do – Just give us a call on 07722 932624, let us know what the issue is and if possible, we will be right there.

Do you do small jobs?

Yes – no job is too small for us as local plumbers in Ashford, nothing is ‘not worth bothering’ us about. Whether you need a sink unblocking, a tap fitted or a toilet fill valve replaced, our friendly plumbers in Ashford are only a call away.

I’m not sure if I have a boiler issue or a plumbing issue, can you help?

Certainly. We are experts in both plumbing and boiler repairs in Ashford, and will be able to tell what the issue is and give you options on how best to go about your repair.

I have some minor plumbing work that needs doing but I can’t get the time off work, can you book appointments after work?

We are happy to accommodate appointments outside of normal business hours, up to 8pm.




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There's no such thing as too small a job when it comes to your home's plumbing.

For reliable, friendly and professional plumbing services and boiler repairs in Ashford, contact Hooper & Son or call our team.

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