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A sediment-free heating system is an efficient heating system

In efficient central heating system might not be due to your appliances or boiler, but instead a gradual build-up of sludge, rust, debris and other contaminants in your pipework and radiators.

Our heating system flushing in Ashford provides a fast and effective means of removing these deposits, helping your system to run more effectively, reduce energy consumption and reduce wear and tear. There are different types of system flushes such as power flushing and chemical flushing. Let us give you advice regarding which type of flush will best suite your needs.

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Hooper and Son's heating system flushing in Ashford includes:

  • Draining your heating system
  • Circulating a chemical cleaning solution through your heating system, repeating as needed whilst agitating the radiators. (sometimes specialist equipment is also used such as a power flush machine or Magna cleanse)
  • Refilling your system and dosing with inhibitor
  • Testing your appliances for leaks or issues







It's a job that makes a big difference and can save you large repair bills in the future.

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We can accept bank transfers, cash and card payments.

Additional Costs and Quotes

The first hour is always chargeable for callouts, with time after this being charged in 30-minute increments. Any further costs will always be discussed before proceeding.

If an estimate has been issued for a repair or installation this will cover the works detailed within the estimate only. If there turns out to be further works required, then again this will be discussed with the customer before proceeding.

Servicing and gas safety checks will be charged as quoted. Should any faults or defects be detected as part of our work then again this will be discussed with the customer before proceeding.




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