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Magnetic filer valve

A simple upgrade that saves you money and extends your boiler's lifespan

If you're looking to enhance the efficiency and extend the longevity of your central heating system, look no further than Hooper & Son's magnetic filter installations in Ashford.

These work by catching iron oxide and other corrosive materials, which can otherwise accumulate and clog up your central heating system. The result is a more efficient, higher pressure and often futureproofed boiler system, as a magnetic filter can often extend the lifespan of your heating system by several years.

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A standard magnetic filter installation Hooper & Son includes:

  • Assessing the make and model of filter that best suits your needs
  • Deciding on the best location for your filter for both effective filtration and ease of maintenance
  • Seamlessly installing and testing your new filter
  • Giving you advice on when and how to clean and maintain your filter







A sludge-free heating system is an efficient heating system.

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If an estimate has been issued for a repair or installation this will cover the works detailed within the estimate only. If there turns out to be further works required, then again this will be discussed with the customer before proceeding.

Servicing and gas safety checks will be charged as quoted. Should any faults or defects be detected as part of our work then again this will be discussed with the customer before proceeding.




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